Vinga House Pension Poiana Brasov: Casa Vinga invites all its guests to enjoy a wonderful holiday at the mountain, at Poiana Brasov, at the cosy three star pension. In the restaurant we can organize various occasions like weddings, birthday parties, receptions.
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Getting here

The pension is situated in the central area of the Poiana Brasov resort, which is situated at 12km away from Brasov city.

About Poiana Brasov resort
Located at 12 km from Brasov city, Poiana Brasov has the best rank of endowment in Romanian Carpathians. Poiana Brasov owns a shelter and restful climate. The air is clean, not polluted and the quantity of solar radiations is bigger that in Brasov Depression. The winter has a small number of foggy days and a stable layer of snow, favorable to practice the ski.

How to get here

1. Brasov - Poiana Brasov (12km)
From the main road access to the resort, we arrive in the center of resort in a large parking area, where is situated the last bus station of the bus no. 20.

2. Risnov - Poiana Brasov (11 km)
The route starts from the center of Risnov city and we follow the Fortress street. The road passes near Fortress restaurant and a swimming place (1 km from the center of the city). After the 11 km, we intersect the road Brasov - Poiana Brasov. To the left, the road goes to Brasov, and to the right to Vinga House Pension. Afterwards, we have to follow the route no. 1.

Poiana Brasov map
Poiana Brasov map
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Detail of map
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